How to do our Kingdom work

 “Jesus called out to them, ‘Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!’” Matthew 4:10 NLT

Jesus left us a clear set of instructions when he left—preach the Gospel, make disciples. This is for all of us, but how many of us struggle to actually share the Good News? Perhaps we don’t have a clear understanding of our own giftings and how to operate in them, or we’re fearful and intimidated to share our faith.

But here’s good news! As we follow the Lord, he promises to show us how to do our Kingdom work. It’s a process, but as we do our part, he will do his. This is his work, and he has a perfect plan for each of us to help build his Kingdom. 

So how do we follow him today?

First, pray. 

  • Ask him to give you his own vision for people, his heart for the lost and their need for him. 
  • Pray for open eyes and heart to see the people around you and how you can love them. 
  • Pray for God to give you opportunities to connect with the ones he has prepared to receive his message.
  • Ask him to give you supernatural insight and understanding. 
  • Ask him for boldness to share his good news for them.

Second, stay in the Word. Read it prayerfully every day and let it speak to you. This is primarily where God talks with us, instructs us, gives us specific directions for each need.

Third, obey what he tells you. This could be from the inner promptings of his Spirit or from something he quickened to you in the Word. Should you make that call or text to a friend? Should you speak to the clerk at the store? Does your child need help to understand God’s way in their life today? Who might the Lord want you to disciple this year? You don’t have to worry about the results, that his department. Ours is to obey and leave the rest to him.

And last, trust him to lead you. He promised he will show you how to make disciples. As you act on the opportunities he sends your way to share, teach, or encourage others, your confidence will grow. The Holy Spirit was sent to help you in all things, and he will lead you step by step.

We have the amazing privilege of partnering with Christ to tell of his love to a hurting world. Be bold to obey him today and believe that he will show you how to do that.

Bible study: Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Timothy 4:2, 5

Image by Anke Sundermeier from Pixabay

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