Finishing well

My daughter has been in the last push before the end of her college semester, so her days are filled with the flurry of final projects, tests, and general wrap-up of her studies. I pray each day for her strength, mental focus, and the ability to finish well.  You know how hard it can be to keep up the momentum and get the job done well.

It's easy to start...hard to finish!

Are you working on an ‘assignment’ from God today that sometimes seems will never end?  Maybe you're a mom tired from parenting battles with your kids. Maybe you’re under pressure at work to get a project done and but obstacles continue to delay you.  Maybe you’re trying to pay off debt and progress is disheartening. The enemy of our souls will use all the negative stuff coming at us daily to wear us down and discourage us even further.

Then there’s the struggle to stay motivated. We might have started off full of vision and determination, but fatigue, disappointment, or discouragement in the long haul can make us want to pack a bag and disappear for a while. (Been there!)

I’ve been in such a season the last couple of years, that of helping care for elders in our family. Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I try to remember that I only have to serve well today. God promises strength and wisdom for today, and that is enough.  The Big Picture is made up of all the todays, done faithfully.

If you are struggling today to keep your momentum, I encourage you to step back and get the big view again. Remember that the Lord equips who He calls! Jesus' words, 'Well done, good and faithful servant' are the reward we seek. The goal is to finish well, to complete our call, carry out our part of Kingdom work.

Be encouraged!  He doesn't call you to do it all, just be faithful in your assignments today.  The Lord is your strength and will give you all you need to finish well.

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